Student Profile

The New England Educational Consulting Group was founded by Louise Kreiner over 25 years ago to provide access and information to families searching for the best educational experience for their child.  Louise and her staff work with families on an individual basis to ensure that each child is placed in the correct setting to enhance both their social and education skills.  The belief that there is a place for each child resonates in all of the work performed by the entire staff.

If your child is suffering with emotional turmoil or is undecided about an educational destination, the staff of New England Educational Consulting Group will provide individual services and a plan that will help him/her begin to make the next step in their life.

The team provides:

  • In-person or phone interview with student and family
  • Review of student’s goals, priorities and skills
  • Determination of best academic and social setting
  • Preparation for visits and interviews
  • Firsthand knowledge of all available options
  • Domestic and international expertise
  • Work either as consultant or comprehensive program developer
  • Extensive experience with schools, colleges and therapeutic programs
  • Knowledge that goes deeper than brochures, videos or websites

The staff of New England Educational Consulting Group has set and will continue to achieve the highest educational and social goals for our students and their families.

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