Preparatory School Placement

Is a private school in your child’s future? There are a variety of private schools you may want to investigate. Our staff can help you through this process and find the right match for your child and family.

Each child and family is unique and may need any or all of the following services.

  • Comprehensive assessment of academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategies/planning for application process
  • Evaluation of talents and extra-curricular activities
  • Preparation for campus visits, interviews and applications
  • Recommendations of suitable/viable school options
  • International Placement
  • Family mediation in decision-making process
  • Provision of accurate, current information
  • Ongoing communication, advocacy and planning

Private schools include everything from day schools run by religious organizations to international boarding schools.  Our staff will match your child’s academic, athletic and social skills with a program best suited for his/her needs. Our staff’s years of experience dealing with private school admission officers and faculty and an extensive knowledge of campuses, both here and abroad,  will provide you with a range of schools to fit both your child’s and family needs. Let us help you provide your child with the best possible learning experience.

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