College Placement

As you and your child begin the search for the right college, our professional staff can assess his/her academic and social needs and wants to provide you with the best options for success in higher education.

Each child is unique and our staff will provide you with any or all of the following as needed.

  • Comprehensive assessment of academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluation of talents and extra-curricular activities
  • Course selection, major determination, career exploration
  • Strategies/planning for application process
  • Recommendations of suitable/viable school options
  • Preparation for campus visits, interviews and applications
  • Provision of accurate, current information
  • Family mediation in decision making process
  • Ongoing communication, advocacy and planning

Searching, finding and being accepted at the right college can be a confusing experience. Our staff can and will provide you with the information, time and expertise to guide you through this daunting process.  Years of meeting with admissions directors, touring campuses and successfully dealing with families in the process provides us with the expertise to help you and your child select the optimal campus experience that will lead to success in the future.

We can provide you with the right college match for your child.

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