About Our Team

Louise Kreiner, B.A., M.A., CEP

Louise’s professional credentials include more than 25 years in the educational field and numerous degrees and professional associations. She has worked as a teacher, counselor and admissions officer. Adept at working with a variety of working styles and learning disabilities, Louise brings solutions to families. Her most effective tool in educational consulting is her sensitivity in relating to young people. Her ability to help students feel comfortable, enthusiastic and confident during the application process results in a special relationship with each student. There’s a place for every student, a school that is the right match. Her mission is to help you find it.

Amy D’Uva, B.A.

Amy’s career includes over 25 years of admission experience working with prospective students and their families, her career began as Associate Director of Admissions. Amy recruited students from across the country, organized and wrote publications, interviewed students prior to admission and was the liaison for the college program for students with learning difference. Later, in her capacity as Director of International Admissions, Amy visited High Schools, U.S, embassy=is Fulbright Offices and Universities across the globe. She has opened door on every continent and interacted with government officials, heads of state and corporations. Amy believes in offering parents realistic choices for their children, but also choices that fulfill the academic, social and cultural need of each student and family.
Edward Ortiz-Alcantara, B.A.

Ed’s skill in international services, specializing in Central and South American student placement provides a unique opportunity for our students. His bi-lingual expertise opens doors for students looking for a multi-cultural experience and those who may have concerns fitting into a foreign school curriculum.

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