Selecting the appropriate educational path is one of the most important and difficult decisions for young people and their families. Our group applies exceptional professional consulting services to families seeking help with selecting the right school or alternative program.

Whether you seek a nurturing atmosphere or one with a competitive edge, a school designed for independent study, an environment that benefits a troubled child, or one that offers assistance to students with learning disabilities, you will discover the unique benefits of working with experienced consultants in determining and accessing the right educational option for your child.

The New England Educational Advisory Service provides highly experienced professionals who work to bring solutions to a worldwide clientele. Their expertise encompasses:

  • Residential treatment programs
  • Outdoor education programs
  • Emotional growth schools
  • Schools and colleges for learning differences
  • Preparatory School Placement
  • College Placement
  • Graduate School Placement

The team is committed to every student’s success after placement and is available for follow-up consultation for one year post-special needs placement, and one semester post-college or traditional school placement.